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An Invitation

If you have ever launched a company, you are aware of the immense excitement and utter fear surrounding such an occasion. Our company did not come into existence haphazardly or without several hundreds of hours of research, practice and a whole lotta prayer..

Truth be told, the last few years, so much of the world has changed. Many of us have been faced with recalibrating and refreshing how we live and look at life. This is what I find so exhilarating. Sometimes, it isn't until we are pushed off a cliff that we discover how high we can fly.

So, here we are. A new venture. A fresh start. While I hope you find our products as awesome as I think you will, I hope that you will join us on an amazing journey to a brighter side of life and make an investment in yourself to feel good.

It is my plan to blog regularly about whatever is on your mind. Some ground rules, though, let's keep it positive. We have enough of the yuck gnawing at us each day. As soap makers, we want to keep it clean.

I appreciate you!

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