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Get to Know Our Team

The R & R behind R & R.


Renee and Roy Crews

President & Vice-President

There isn't much better than being in business with your partner and best friend! When we dreamed up R & R Apothecary, we knew that our love for being together would allow us to run a dynamic and cohesive organization. Our shared commitment to high-quality, natural products means our customers can always feel comfortable that anything we produce is good for them and good for the environment.

Our luxury handmade products are expertly produced at our home-based workshop in Orland Park, IL (we have the best smelling garage around!). Roy serves as our Vice-President and product whiz. He previously owned a successful store in Texas, manufacturing and selling soy wax candles, goats milk soaps, and other bath products. Renee is our President and business guru. She was proud to own a spiritual wellness shop called Angels Among Us in Tinley Park and is a certified life coach. We are both active in our church and community.


A woman-owned company, R & R Apothecary is the result of strong love and respect that we have for each other, our dedication to quality, and the joy that comes from living with purpose and a healthy dose of laughter.

Aggie & Dottie

Public Relations Team

Aggie is a Corgi/German Shepherd mix, and Dottie is a black lab mix. Both rescue dogs, we often wonder who rescued whom. Though Aggie is clingy, both of our girls love people and are always eager to greet folks. They cheer us up if we are feeling low and they are just good teammates. Don't worry if you have allergies - Aggie and Dottie both prefer their cushy jobs in the house and don't visit our workshop.



Quality Control

Casper was named after the friendly ghost because she *was* friendlier as a kitten. Now, as an adult cat, she has an opinion on everything and is really good at giving the stink eye. No doubt if something is not done to her liking, we will hear about it. 



Town Crier

Oh, Buddy! He’s the newest addition to our team. He is afraid of Casper and does her bidding. He is not afraid to yodel at us…. Sometimes even in the middle of the night.

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