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Ultra-moisturizing, goat milk and vegan soaps and gentle lye soaps.

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Your skin works hard for you every day, fighting off polutants, free radicals, and environmental stressors. Many soaps only make your skin work harder, as they are made with harsh ingredients that increase dryness and irritation. We believe that your skin deserves pampering with ultra-moisturizing goat milk and other quality ingredients that make you feel your best. Our goat milk soaps are handpoured in several of our bestselling fragrances, with the finest attention to detail.


For our customers who prefer vegan soaps, you'll love our donut collection - delicious scents that will wake up your senses in the morning. We also offer our labor-of-love lye soaps, in special releases throughout the year. Our lye soaps are incredibly gentle and are perfect for the most sensitive skin. They take 8 weeks to cure, so be sure to send us a contact form if you'd like to stay informed about our upcoming lye soap releases.

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