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Enjoy the subtle fragrance and eco-friendliness of Smelly Jelly!


Household odors are a thing. We all have them, and we all hate them. Blast household odors with the subtle fragrance, safety, and convenience of our R & R Smelly Jelly!

With a quick twist of the cap, you can freshen nearly any space where a flame is not ideal or practical. Keep one in your car (they fit perfectly in the cupholder!), your laundry room, your kitchen, your bathrooms, and each bedroom. The scent is light enough not to overwhelm, and the vented cap prevents spills or messes.


Periodically add water to the crystals as they evaporate and retain the plastic insert to seal your jar when not in use. Then, once your Smelly Jelly no longer puts out a strong scent, simply add fragrance oil and a little more water, and keep enjoying. Available in multiple colors and fragrances to match any décor and scent preference. Don't see your favorite fragrance? Send us a message to request a custom order!

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