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Palm Wax Candles

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

R&R Apothecary uses both palm and soy waxes for our candle products. Occasionally, we're asked why we use palm wax for our pillars and not soy. Many of the benefits for both are similar, natural, renewable, "clean" burning and long lasting. We choose to make our pillars from palm wax due to its very unique qualities: durability, aesthetics, and cold scent throw. (see below)

Benefits of Palm Wax:

  1. long burn time - Palm wax has a high melting point, due to its durability, which means it burns slow and hot.

  2. durability - Palm wax is hardier than soy wax, so it is an excellent natural alternative to paraffin pillar candles.

  3. eco-friendly - Palm wax is all natural, derived from the palm fruit and is renewable and biodegradable.

  4. health safety - Palm wax has no unhealthy chemicals or synthetic additives (until we add some fragrances or dyes) allowing it to burn soot-free.

  5. strong scent - Whether lit or sitting cold, palm wax has a strong scent throw. A scent throw is how far the scent carries throughout a room.

  6. aesthetics - Perhaps its coolest benefit is that palm wax has a natural crystalline, feather-like appearance. This look gives a pillar candle more personality and a higher quality of decor.

  7. Vegan - solely derived from the palm fruit and is a plant-based source.

Con's of Palm Wax:

  1. more expensive than paraffin. However, due to its durability, it has a long burn time and scent throw making palm wax more cost efficient.

  2. palm wax is generally linked to unethical farming (deforestation) and labor practices (exploitation of workers). This is why, R&R uses RSPO certified palm wax suppliers. If you would like to know more about this group, please go to,

Fall pillars coming soon!

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